Terms of Service

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  • Do anything that is illegal with the site, according to the laws where you live and the laws of California.
  • Deliberately attempt to gain access to someone else's private content, such as their decks or cards.
  • Deliberately attempt to break the site, such that other people can't use it.

Also, there is no warranty for using this site or its service. Specifically:

  • Please export your cards periodically if you wish to keep them in case they are inadvertently deleted or modified on this site. You can export your cars by selecting Settings then Export Cards from your deck.
  • It's possible the site could be unavailable sometimes. Please be patient until it comes back.
  • It's extremely unlikely, but possible that the site could disappear permanently in the future for whatever reason. If something like this is going to happen and is known ahead of time, the site will make an effort to show a warning to export your cards before it happens.

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