About mrFlashcard

By using increasingly challenging multiple choice quizzes, combined with spacing out the time between seeing the same cards again, mrFlashcard enables you to quickly learn new things without wasting too much time on cards you already know, while not waiting too long so that you've forgotten the answer and have to relearn a card again.

mrFlashcard currently does not require any sort of login. Simply bookmark or save a link to the deck of cards you are studying so you can get back to it later. Once you start studying, you will be able to provide a cell phone number and the site will send an SMS message to your phone with a link to your deck.

mrFlashcard was created and is maintained and improved by Aiko and Cortland Klein. It was originally created as a study aid to learn Japanese vocabulary, but can now be used to study anything you put into it.

Feel free to ask questions or give feedback by sending email to c@mrflashcard.com.